How to cure coronary artery disease naturally

coronary artery disease

Cure coronary artery disease naturally, No need bypass surgery.

Coronary artery disease or CAD means to the expanding of the heart arteries due to the reason of atherosclerosis. Ones heart muscle does not receive enough amount of oxygen if the heart arteries are expanded. If the heart is trying to get of oxygen, the pain in the chest comes that is known as angina. If the artery is completely blocked, the outcome would be heart attack. It is referred as MI or myocardial infarction.CAD is regarded to be normal kind of heart diseases, heart attack has been also regarded to be chief killer for men and women. Most of these deaths can be avoided by having in control some risk aspects that may result to coronary artery disease. Some of these risk aspects that want to be considered are diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. There are also some risk aspects that are need to be controlled associated to the lifestyle such as maintain a correct weight, quit smoking and begin including physical exercises and activities in the everyday routine. Although now there are lot of treatment arriving up for heart problems but the key method of avoiding illness and death from CAD disease is through controlling the risk factors.

Coronary artery disease symptoms

Some of the persons with coronary artery disease may not feel any symptoms unless this problem has become severe and may cause pain in the chest. Angina being constant is often regarded as the main symptom from that an individual can check out that he is suffering from this disease. Chest pain or discomfort may happen because of the activity and may vanish while they take right amount of rest. If the angina is inconstant then it can be tough to anticipate the disease and could increase when the person is relaxing. This shows the quick improvement of CAD and there are higher chances of heart attack and one should contact the doctor immediately. The second sign is shortness of breath. It may often happen when CAD has trigger heart failure. Heart failure is not really complete failure of the heart, as an alternative the heart muscles is unable to deliver the body with sufficient amount of blood and oxygen to keep optimum body operation. If the heart failure is included with edema is sure to follow. It is accumulation of fluid on the ankles and in the lungs because of insufficient amount of oxygen and blood to the big filtering parts like liver and kidney.

Herbal treatment for coronary artery disease

1. Ginger benefits for coronary artery disease

For people who suffer from CAD , they must concentrate to choose the food that possess the performance of lessening the blood pressure, blood fat and cholesterol. There are some herbal treatments available for coronary artery disease. Ginger is used to treat CAD. The key component in ginger is ginger oil. The best ingredients in this oil are cholic acid chelate and oleroresin , that can avoid the cholesterol absorption and raise the cholesterol excretion. Moreover, ginger also has zingiberene, gingerol and zingiberol that can enhance blood circulation. Doctors are also advising their patients to add ginger in their diet to get rid from the disease.

2. Garlic benefits for coronary artery disease

Garlic also helps to get rid of coronary artery disease. It has necessary oil. Garlic essential oil has a combination of sulfur compounds that contain a great effect in reducing high blood lipids,high blood cholesterol. Garlic also contains a detoxification performance. Taking garlic daily is very important for those who are suffering from coronary artery disease. To detoxification and anti inflammatory effects, garlic can assist to avoid cancer also. It assists to improve blood circulation particularly by the small arteries. It decreases the danger of CAD and stroke. It may also develop cholesterol balance and contains useful effects on blood stickiness like blood pressure.

3. Lemon benefits for coronary artery disease

Lemon consists of pectin,Vitamin C, rich in fiber that can help to decrease cholesterol level. The phyto-chemical anti-oxidants and also dietary fiber are extremely helpful in managing coronary heart disease.

4. Apple cider vinegar benefits for coronary artery disease

Atherosclerosis includes the hardening of arteries that can cause multiple cardiovascular issues such as coronary artery, chest pain, disease and also heart attacks. Apple cider vinegar seems to have a protecting effect against such hardening, based on an Iranian rabbit study.

Reversing coronary artery disease with this Ingredients:

Lemon juice  01 cup
Ginger juice  01 cup
Garlic juice  01 cup
Apple vinegar  01 cup
Natural honey  01 cup

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